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BCLE 2000

Business Continuity the Professional Practices for Business Continuity Professionals are defined as the skills, knowledge and procedures BC professionals need to lead a BC planning effort.

BCP 501 – Business Continuity Review

The BCP 501 is a rapid business continuity planning refresher course covering the Professional Practices for Business Continuity Professionals in preparation for the DRI International Qualifying Exam.

BCP 601

Master’s Case Study Review This intensive two-day (16-hour) course prepares participants for the MBCP (Master Business Continuity Professional) Case Study Exam. The course addresses all phases of business continuity planning.

DRI International

DRI Ethiopia

For more than 25 years DRI International has set the standard for professionalism in business continuity planning and has provided the profession’s premier certification and education. DRI International has expanded very rapidly throughout the world. We have certified professionals over 100 countries and teach courses in over 50 countries. DRI Ethiopia established to promote and complement DRI International’s professional copyrighted BCM educational and certification programs within the region. All of the BCM training programs are conducted under the support and guidance of DRI International. Of our mission, we are committed to educate, certify and grow together with public, private sectors and individuals in the area of business continuity, planning and management based on DRI’s International Standards and Best Practices.

CRLE 2000

Cyber Resilience Organizations today are confronted by a wide range of cyberattacks, and your organization is no exception. There are countless opportunities for hackers to cause massive disruptions, all of which will require a response that will involve you.

RMLE 2000

Risk Management Continuity Risk Management is a top priority in all sectors, from supply chain to cyber security. As a professional in this field, you have to be at the top of your game, to truly identify the threats your organization faces and how to protect against them.

RMP 501

Risk Management Continuity Review An unbelievable amount of information is packed into this newly updated, fast-paced course built for experienced resilience professionals in risk management.




Disaster Recovery

IT Disaster Recovery (IT DR) refers to the processes, policies and procedures related to preparing for recovery or continuation of technology infrastructure after a disruption or disaster. Most IT DR plans look to ensure that core, high-priority operations continue or at least resume within an acceptable time after a disaster. Implementation of IT Disaster Recovery involves resilience of the entire technology chain that supports critical applications, including: • Data Centers, Workstations, Desktops, Laptops and other computing equipment • Data and other information • Servers and routers • Networks and Telecom infrastructure

Why IT Disaster Recovery

IT is the backbone of every business. An IT disaster can cause a companywide disruption. Per Gartner, 2 out of 5 organizations that experience a severe disaster go out of business within five years. Most organizations are now critically dependent on IT. The fact is that no business is immune to disasters, which can strike at any time, often without prior notice, and at the worst possible time. And when the IT fails down, most organizations are unable to function. At best, a severe disaster could merely incapacitate a business, allowing it to crawl back to normalcy over a period of time.

Why IT Disaster Recovery

IT disaster Recovery is all the more critical for any organization, due to regulations and corporate governance implications that exist now in most professionally managed organizations. In most organizations, the processes that deliver products and services depend on information and communication technology (ICT). At worst, the business can be permanently crippled, or may even shut down. Even loss of the data can bring the organization to a standstill – not to mention other implications such as fines, regulatory sanction etc.

Our Expertise enables us to empower with

Implementation of IT DR in line with ISO 22301 Best Practices  Conducting the IT DR BIA and obtaining signoff.
 Conducting IT DR Risk Analysis and obtaining signoff.
 Developing and signoff of the IT DR Recovery Strategy IT DR Plan review.
 Conducting IT DR Tests and Exercises, including preparation of Exercise report.
 Internal Audit of IT DR.
 Third party Audits of the outsourced IT DR processes on behalf of Principals/Customers.
 Specialized IT DR manpower outsourcing Annul/Periodic Maintenance and Assurance Audits of your IT DR preparedness.
 Conducting of the IT DR management Review.
 Configuration and implementation of IT DR Tools.
 Conducting of Mock Certification and pre-assessment audits.

Business Continuity Management

We provide complete consultancy and competency building services for BCM implementation in line with ISO 22301 and other established frameworks. Business Continuity Management (BCM) is a holistic management and governance process that helps protect the organization from financial and non-financial damages caused by minor or major business disruptions. It is said that an effective Business Continuity Plan can reduce the total loss by 90%+.

Implementation of BCM involves

 Identification of potential risks that may cause disruptions
 Identification of financial and non-financial impact of potential disruptions
 Identification of key products and services, and critical business functions
 Formulation and implementation of viable recovery strategies and plans
 Formulation and implementation of viable recovery strategies and plans
 Awareness, Training, Exercising and testing of these plans
 Regular maintenance, review and updating of the analysis, strategies and plans.


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